What makes someone a good front-end developer?

The least important skills for a front-end developer to have are technical ones.

La parte técnica se puede aprender, y se aprende trabajando, buen artículo.


  • Problem-Solving: just breaking a big thing into smaller parts and tackling them one at a time
  • Googling: being able to craft a search term that gets to the root of what you want to do and finds valuable content online is a real, valuable skill.
  • Critical Thinking: sort the signal from the noise and make more informed decisions is super important. It’s also a skill that you’ll suck at at first and get better at over time as you gain more experience.
  • Empathy: empathetic web development means understanding that users bring many different experiences and abilities with them, and building things accordingly.
  • Communication: the developers who are most effective at working on teams are not always the best coders. They’re the best communicators.

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